When you donate to Inspiration Church, you can be assured that your contribution impacts the community. We're so passionate about healing families and restoring our community, that we give our time, talents, and resources to this cause.

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Regardless of the size of your donation, we appreciate your tax-deductible contribution. Every penny is used responsibly and will be used to invest in high-quality resources, environments and experiences to execute our mission.



Weekly, we mentor boys and girls at local schools. Providing spiritual guidance to them will pay off when they are the leaders of our community and are positively influencing generations to come.


Inspiration Church builds relationships with small businesses in the community because they have personal relationships with their customers. They know the needs of the community and we collaborate to get the work done.

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and surrounding cities such as Port Arthur and Dickinson. In the midst of the storm, Inspiration Church was able to rescue over 2,000 people. However, we knew that wouldn't be the end. After the storm, we have helped over 7,000 people rebuild their lives.

We thank our partners for helping us impact so many lives!

Victory Cathedral

LifeWay Community Church

New Life Covenant Church Southeast

Cajun Navy

Inspiration Church Dispatch Team